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Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, The Human Thread seeks to foster Catholics’ awareness that promotes solidarity between consumers of clothing and the people who produce them in order to create a more just economy and sustainable communities.

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Recently, the average hourly wage for garment workers:











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St. Vincent Pledge

we pledge to:

Pray in order to create sustainable communities through a more just economy. Learn about and educate others on the real consequencesof globalized supply chains. Assess how we are able to confront the ’globalization of indifference” in the clothing industry. Act to change our choices and behaviors as consumers in the global economy. Advocate for Catholic principles, priorities, and values concerning the wages and working conditions of the people who make our clothing.

Recent Pledges

Carissa Phelps

San Luis Obispo, CA

Sr. Colleen Jackson, S.C.

Melbourne, Australia

Mary Sterba

Fond du Lac, WI

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