The Human Thread

May 05, 2016

Author: editor


THT joins the calls for G7 countries to commit anew to business and human rights at Ise-Shima Summit

G-7 Summit in Japan

The Human Thread joins in the call of a group of 60 influential non-governmental organizations who have targeted global supply chains and seek to apply leverage at the forthcoming G7 summit in Japan later this month. In a joint statement, the group has expressed concern that the summit will “fail to adequately address the grave human rights violations and environmental destruction that continue throughout global supply chains.”

Three years after the Rana Plaza collapse in Dhaka that killed at least 1,100 workers on April 24, 2013 much work remains to be done to improve workplace safety and wages. Corporations based in G-7 countries claim that the brands are not responsible for the conditions in factories in Bangladesh that are locally owned and operated. We disagree and believe that responsible supply chain practices are good for consumers and good for business in addition to being good for the workers.

The letter can be found here: G7 recommendations_responsible supply chains_160415